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With the Green Tech and Hydrogen portfolios, we invest in innovative, listed companies that are active in the areas of “Green Technology” and “Hydrogen Technology” and have viable technical solutions to combat climate change. These investments belong to the field of sustainable investments. The term "ESG" (Environment, Social, Governance) is often used. We pursue an uncompromising investment approach by investing exclusively in companies that achieve a measurable impact to meet the ecological challenges of our planet with innovative technologies. We keep an eye on the entirety of the ESG criteria, but with our portfolios we are clearly focused on the "E" for Environment.

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The fourth industrial revolution has reached us - it will fundamentally change our private and professional everyday life. We are at the beginning of great social and therefore also economic changes. Conventional business models will be replaced by new concepts in the medium term, value chains are shifting and innovative companies that rely on pioneering new technologies will displace well-known providers or significantly influence their business models. Since it is almost impossible to keep an eye on all complex industry developments, we invest specifically in the world's best investment managers in this field. Examples are T. Rowe Price, Columbia Threadneedle and Henderson Horizon. As a result, we benefit from a total of over 60 specialists who constantly monitor and re-evaluate the market potential of over 600 global companies. This well-thought-out approach results in a significantly more robust portfolio compared to isolated investments in selected companies, which is confirmed by an above-average performance.

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